The Ultimate Guide to Bec-Tech

Posted by sierra 07/06/2020 0 Comment(s)

Bec-Tech®: The Best Winter Glove Technology You've Never Heard Of

Let's face it. Customers are going to want the best looking items for the best price, and with the best features. As a retailer, it's tough to figure out which items to offer when there are thousands of similar items to choose from. When you're looking for that perfect balance between low cost, fashion, and features, Grand Sierra has got you covered with our patented Bec-Tech® glove lining technology.  



Bec-Tech® is Becker Gloves' very own revolutionary barrier designed to be waterproof, windproof, and breathable. This high-tech membrane is sewn between the outside layer and the inside lining to repel the outside elements like wind and water while also wicking and evaporating perspiration from the inside keeping you warm and dry. What's truly unique about the Bec-Tech® barrier is the lightweight protection manufactured at a fraction of the cost of other brands. Without compromising the integrity of the glove or inflating cost, Bec-Tech® is the way to go when you're buying wholesale Winter gloves for your small business. This high-tech lining isn't just great for professionals, either! Consumers can take advantage of the Bec-Tech® features every day during activities like shoveling snow, dropping the kids off at the bus stop, or even just general outdoors work. It's built tough with strong barriers to keep the outsider weather outside, and your natural body heat inside.


What's the Difference Between Thinsulate and Bec-Tech®?


The difference between Thinsulate insulation and Bec-Tech® is simply the waterproof and windproof nature of the Bec-Tech® membrane. Think of it like this: Thinsulate insulation is highly effective at keeping heat from escaping. But Thinsulate does not provide any relief from the painfully cold winter winds, and it doesn't keep water from entering your gloves. Nobody wants to end up with soggy cold hands, so you need some sort of protective barrier around the Thinsulate, and that's exactly what Bec-Tech® is!



How Do I Know My Gloves Have Bec-Tech® Lining?


As your inventory goes and that time of year comes when you need to start placing your wholesale winter glove orders, your best bet is to keep an eye out at Grand Sierra for our exclusive Bec-Tech® tags and logos. In your Grand Sierra catalog, look under the product images for the Bec-Tech® logo. If you see the logo, you're in luck! We put Bec-Tech® into our highest performance gloves to ensure that winter weather won't keep your customers from doing the outdoor activities they love. When you're looking for the best deals on wholesale ski gloves and wholesale snow gloves, you needn't look further than Grand Sierra.