Ski Gloves

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We all know that the purpose of a glove is to protect our hands from the elements. But did you know that certain gloves are built for specific needs?


What Makes a Ski Glove Special?



One common type of glove to consider carrying in your store is the classic ski glove. Made from similar or sometimes even the same materials as their counterpart, the snowboard glove, ski gloves are meticulously designed to give you the best possibvle grip without being too grippy, and to keep your fingers warm as you're holding on to your poles. The chief and most obvious difference between ski gloves and snowboard gloves is the cuff. Ski gloves are constructed with a soft, skin-tight cuff around the wrist that keeps snow from entering the glove and preventing you from enjoying your time on the slopes. The ski glove cuff is most often made from a soft and warm polyester, although other materials such as spandex are used on occassion. 


As with any other glove expected to be used in snowy conditions, it's important that the ski gloves you stock are waterproof. Waterproof ski gloves are essential to keep your hands warm and dry, as the water caught in your glove will interfere with the glove's ability to regulate you temperature. To achieve this waterproof effect, a seamless plastic baggy with a special set of tabs is sewn just under the outside of the glove, just like wearing a plastic glove cover, but on the inside. Any excess moisture that is able to penetrate the outermost layer of the glove is quickly evaporated.


Seemingly small additions to ski gloves are also important to pay attention to when you're considering the bulk purchase of gloves for skiing. Take the wrist strap, for instance. While a ski glove without a wrist strap may be fine for some people, others may want a higher degree on control over the wrist opening of the glove. Adding a wrist strap allows the wearer to adjust how tight the glove fits on their wrist and vastly improves the comfort of the glove. Small things like this are what makes customization so appealing to your customers.


Finally, remember to look for ski gloves with decent grip. When you're heading down the slopes on skis, you're going to need to grip your poles tightly to steer. Gloves with Rubber Tech or PU (Polyurethane) palm patches are suited well to giving a good grip without being too sticky. As with everything, some people like grippier gloves while others like a soft grip. To cover all your ground, order 2 or 3 different styles over a seaon to see what people are buying. You may find that your particular customer base tends to prefer their ski gloves a certain way. Remember, we make online purchasing easy for all your bulk and wholesale ski glove needs!