What Retailers Need to Know About Buying Winter Gloves

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What Kind of Wholesale Winter Gloves Should I Buy?

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Can you imagine a Winter without a trusty pair of warm gloves? Everybody who lives in an area that gets chilly knows what it's like to wake up one morning, see ice on your car, and then realize you don't any waterproof Winter gloves to help you get on the road faster! As a small retailer, it's your job to anticipate these types of needs that your customers may be shopping for. But with different customers, you'll need a diverse series of gloves to cover all of their potential needs. Here's a selection of some of the types of wholesale Winter gloves offered by Grand Sierra!

Magic Gloves, Stretch Gloves, and Mittens

By far the most inexpensive and cheap gloves out there, magic gloves (also known as stretch gloves) are a light and convenient way to keep warm when you're out and about. Often found next to the cash register for maximum exposure, magic gloves make an excellent impulse purchase on a cold Winter day. If you're having trouble moving inventory, try moving your magic gloves closer to the checkout, or closer to the entrance of your store. Fun fact: Did you know why stretch gloves are called magic gloves? The machinery used to manufacture these gloves can spit out hundreds of gloves a day, which is much faster than any other type of handwear! Because the machinery is so fast, it's costs less to manufacture the product, and that's how Grand Sierra can offer wholesale stretch gloves for such cheap prices. Stretch gloves are most often made from cotton, acrylic, nylon, or polyester threads which are knitted together on a round machine. We even offer wholesale lined stretch gloves for maximum warmth and protection for women's, men's, girl's, boy's, and toddler's styles at rock bottom prices!
Girls bulk discounted wholesale cheap inexpensive magic stretch gloves

Ski Gloves and Mittens

Unlike magic gloves, ski gloves are made from fabric such as tusser or softshell. A typical ski glove has an acrylic cuff and is stuffed with filling for the best warmth and protection from the Winter elements. Ski gloves are important for Winter resorts to stock due to the high demand for skiing and should be restocked often. Bulk ski gloves can be found for low prices at Grand Sierra because we have scoured the world for the factories with the best reputations and negotiated for some of the best prices on materials around. When you purchase wholesale ski gloves from Grand Sierra, you can know that you're getting products with premium materials (like our famous Bec Tech waterproof, windproof, and breathable glove feature) for the best prices on the market.

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Snowboard Gloves and Mittens

Another staple item for your small retail business, snowboard gloves are the trendier, sleeker companion to ski gloves. Our bulk snowboard gloves come in a variety of different materials and with different features, ranging from inexpensive basics to top of the line premium Winter gloves with features such as zipper pockets, touch screen capabilities, breathable fibers, waterproof barriers, and much more. Snowboard gloves often also feature a drawcord and stopper, along with a snow cuff to further protect skin from the Winter weather. Unlike ski gloves, snowboard gloves do not have a knit cuff, but they are lined with ultra-plush fabric that further insulates your body heat, making them perfect for outdoor retailers in cold weather. Our competitive discount prices for bulk gloves and hats are sure to keep your business booming.

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Winter Sport Tech Gloves and Mittens

Even if you're not in a snowy area, gloves are important to keep in stock. Frigid temperatures can be painful for exposed skin, and especially susceptible are runners and athletes who spend time exercising outdoors in cold climates. As they run, you can imagine sweat will start to build up, which can lead to a soggy, uncomfortable mess. With Winter sports tech gloves and accessories, there's no need to worry about wet hands. Sports tech accessories feature different types of moisture-wicking materials to keep sweat and moisture away from your skin, and more importantly, your gloves nice and dry. Buying bulk and wholesale Winter sport tech accessories such as gloves, headbands, hats, and scarves can be a boon to your business. Small retailers may find that it's best to display these products alongside any active sections of your store for outdoor sports, or any areas focusing on fitness. Whether you're in a snowy area of the country or a dry one, moisture-wicking gloves are a must-have for your stock.
Bulk wholesale winter wicking gloves

Grand Sierra offers discounted fleece, wool, and acrylic gloves as well as ski gloves, magic acrylic gloves, and conductive finger texting gloves. We offer a range of stylish colors and warm linings on nearly all of our styles to offer full protection from the worst of winter. Our discounted gloves can handle snow and precipitation with ease. There’s no better way to look stylish in the winter and feel insulated from winter’s harsh conditions. Our bulk and wholesale gloves are unmatched in quality and comfort, making the low price points we offer an absolute bargain for retailers who purchase in bulk.