The Top 3 Most Important Things to Look For in Winter Gloves

Posted by sierra 02/17/2020 0 Comment(s) Product Information,

Winter weather can be beautiful and inspiring, but the cold can wreak havoc on your body, and can even cause irreparable damage if left untreated for too long. There are several elements to consider when choosing what Winter gloves to wear for your outdoor chores, and we're here to help you find the best bang for your buck. With dozens of options for special features on gloves, it can be difficult to find exactly what is best suited for ample protection from the elements. Here are our top picks for the most important features in Winter gloves:

Feature #1: Insulating Linings

There are several elements to keeping your hands comfortable outdoors during cold weather. Your main goals should be keeping your hands dry, insulated, blocking the cold. With the advancement of technology, new types of insulation have become available to keep the size of your gloves down and allow for ample flexibility. A standard feature of most Winter gloves is Thinsulate, an ultra-warm lining that can bind the heat from your body in the glove. Our bodies generate heat and expel it naturally, and Thinsulate is efficient in keeping that heat next to your skin rather than out in the air.

Another element to consider is the comfort of a glove lining. While some gloves are fleece-lined, others may have a more plush, furry feel to them. Most linings are some variation of fleece but feel totally different from each other due to the way the fibers lay. Some fleece can feel thick and plush, while others can feel like faux fur. Any way you dice it, fleece lining is an excellent choice as an extra insulation feature.

Feature #2: Waterproof and Moisture-Wicking

If you're planning on working in the snow, it's best to purchase your bulk gloves with waterproof features such as the Bec-Tech baggie, or moisture-wicking capabilities. When water penetrates the gloves and touches your hands, the insulation abilities of your glove go down dramatically, rendering them nearly useless. A waterproof lining is the single best way to ensure your hands stay warm and dry.
For example, you wouldn't want to get into a snowball fight while wearing a pair of knit gloves. Without the ability to keep water away from your skin, the melted snow will trap moisture next to your skin and slowly freeze while exposed to low temperatures, and that's no good! Instead, opt for a glove with either a waterproof liner or moisture-wicking capabilities.

Feature #3: Dexterity

Changing a tire during a snowstorm isn't any fun, but it can be made much worse when your bulky gloves keep you from properly using your tools. Gloves with thin linings offer more dexterity for your fingers, giving you better control over the tools you're handling. When considering what kinds of bulk Winter gloves and mittens to stock in your store, keep in mind what the gloves will be used for. Will they be used by kids at the school bus stop, or homeowners shoveling snow? Children may not need the extra dexterity of adults, and adults may need a degree of precision only available with an ultra-thin glove. 

In the end, what matters is that you provide your customers with the best gloves to suit their lifestyles and needs. For the best prices on your bulk Winter weather gloves and mittens, visit the Grand Sierra store and see for yourself how all of the different types of gloves stack up to each other!